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Handpicked bundles of Indie goodness

FilmBundle curates a selections of amazing independent films.
Pay whatever you want, give some to charity, and stream on any device. Life is good.

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Discover hidden film gems

Each month we look high and low to pick a selection of unbelievable independent films around a specific theme, often with the help of a special guest curator - renowned filmmakers, critics and organizations who bundle up their favorite films, just for you.

Pay What You Want

That’s right folks! there are no monthly memberships, and no set prices. You choose exactly how much you want to pay for the films. Contribute more than average to unlock special features and bonus films.

Support Charity

We partner with the best arts-driven nonprofits on each bundle. You decide how much of your purchase should go to them. We make it easy for you to support the arts while watching some truly killer films.

Any Time, on any device

HD streaming to any internet ready device. Ready to watch when and wherever you are. Hooah!

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